HawaiiFrequently Asked Questions about Mold Design with ZC

What type of mold design have you done?

ZC has designed many molds including Collapsible core mold design/Two-injecting Mold Design/multi-cavities mold design/double shot mold design.

What software do you use to design the mold?

All designs are completely modeled in 3D using the latest version of Unigraphics UG NX mechanical CAD software.

Is there a problem with the software you use that is different from ours?

We are responsible for all the work of mold design, you do not need to change the design, until the mold design is completed, I will send you the final drawing file.

How many mold designers do you have?

We have 12 mold designers and have at least 10 years of experience in mold design and actual manufacturing and molding work.

How to improve the efficiency of mold design?

We can 2-3 people design a set of molds at the same time. Send you confirmation every day, let you know the mold design status.

If your mold design have problem, how do you solve the problem?

Change the mold design many times until you are satisfied, If the mold quality problem, We can pay for a portion of the redo.

What is your payment term? 

 normal we accept T/T 50% with order, Pay the balance after the design mold is completed.

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