Mold Design Services

Mold Design Services

Why we will be your best Mold Design Services supplier?

We all understand that mold design work is a complex and rigorous work. If you choose us to be responsible for your mold design work, we will tell you how our work can help you improve efficiency and cost.

ZC Plastic New MexicoMould Design Services

ZC Mold design is a professional Mold design services company. We have 12 mold designers and have at least 10 years of experience in Mold Design services and actual manufacturing and molding work, and have good CAD/CAM/CAE skills. Our Mold Design services include injection mold design services, Liquid silicone mold design services, die casting mold design services. 


NX Mold Design Services

How we do mold design services?

* We need you to provide a model file(STP, IGS, DXF, DWG, Cad Key PPT, STL, X_T, CATIA, UG files, etc.) We will provide you with a quote.

* At the same time, you can send us a sample drawing file. Customize mold design to your standards.

* We will design a DFM to confirm.

* Next we start the mold design. We can 2-3 people design a set of molds at the same time. Send you confirmation every day, let you know the mold design status.

* Until the mold design is completed. I know everyone's design ideas are different, so if you need to change, you can send us pictures. Customize mold design to your standards.

automobile Mold Design Services

How we Improve Mold Design Efficiency?

Depending upon the project, we can also do round the clock design. Because of the time difference between US/Europe and China, Chinese designers can start work on a portion of the design after US designers leave for the day and have it ready the next morning for the US designers to continue the work. You can shorten your mold design lead-time significantly, if we can work simultaneously with you. At the same time, we can 2-3 people design a set of molds at the same time. Send you confirmation every day, let you know the mold design status.  

ZC Plastic Mould Design SOLUTIONS

ZC Plastic Mold Design Services improve manufacturability and cost-effectiveness, Many customers choose to cooperate with ZC Mould Design Company for their plastic mould design service projects. After our engineers can help diagnose an incorrect mold design and provide a reliable mold design solution, our plastic mold design services help customers by participating early in the plastic mold design Services process. ZC Mould Design's Advanced Quality Planning is used to launch new products with a Mould Design Services and manufacturing process to ensure all your cost, quality and delivery expectations are met.

3 things to know about mold design services outsourcing

1.What software do you use for mold design services, Will it conflict with the software our company is using now?

We use NX (UG) for mold design, we can convert (STP, X_T) files to you. Before mold manufacture, we are responsible for all the design work. 

2.Are you worried that we will leak your mold design standards?

Integrity is the most important requirement for us to be your friend. We will comply with all your requests. 

3.Are you worried that we are not familiar with your design standards?

I think the mold knowledge is probably the same. Many of our customers come from Europe and America. If you have a mold design standard, you can provide it to us, collaborative Mold Design Services with your ideas.

Automobile Mold Design Services

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