How to create a slide for mold design-injection mold slide design

How to create a slide for mold design-injection mold slide design

All slide designs/type are determined by the part shape.

Mechanical slides are preferred over hydraulic slides.

This will be determined at the initial mold review.

Mechanical slides should be located on operator or non-operator side and bottom.

1.Create a slide Check Sheet

l  Is slide stroke adequate?

l  Is the forward and back limit stopper adequate?

l  Slide located on the top of the mold have strong slide locks and need to add spring.

l  Is slide travel adequate to clear part?

l  Is a positive slide lock designed in the tool?

l  Are there wear plates under the slide?

l  Are there wear plates in the lock blocks?

l  Are limit switches present in case of "slide rebound?

l  On slides wrapping around cores, is there adequate clearance between ejector devices and slide steel?

l  Are there early return pins (.25" minimum diameter) provided when ejector devices are under slide steel?

l  Are slides removable without disassembling the mold frame?

l  Are grease grooves designed in sliding areas?

l  Are slides locked against "blow back?  

2.Slide name as shown. 


3.Slide design requirements.

The slide is a moving part, we need to create shut off for slide and reduce friction damage.  

Angle pins

How to create an angle pin for mold design-injection mold design

The length of the angle guide pin is dependent on slider travel distance.

The angle of an angle pin cannot be larger than 25°.

The angle of the Wedge needs to be 2-5 degrees larger than the angle of the angle pin

The best way to fix angle guide pins as show                          

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